Giving Information

As Seminarians, we will be on the front lines of ministry in a very short time.  We are excited about what God has in store for us as He shows us the shape of the ministry.  We have three years to learn, live, and grow with Christ.  Wanna be a part of our journey?

    Praise God that both of us have our tuition paid for the first year of school!  We will both be working part time (Greg at Starbucks and Noel at...please pray) so that we are able to cover our living expenses, a total of about $20,000 a year.  Since Noel doesn't yet have a job, it is hard to say how much will be covered by our salaries.  Our main option right now is to take out loans.  We are open to doing this but recognize that we're not getting ordained for the money and paying back this debt will take some time.  So, if you have a soft spot for seminarians and want to shower some love in this way, we would gladly bathe in your generosity.  Any amount is welcome and every little bit actually will help!

    Unfortunately, at this time, we have no way of offering a tax-deductible contribution.  However, there are a couple of different options for giving to us.

    1) Send us a gift directly.  Please make it out to Gregory Pfeifer
    These can be sent to our home
    907 Melrose Ave., Ambridge, PA  15003

    2)  If there's one thing we'll definitely be paying for, it's books! (for classes, of course).  At the Seminary's bookstore, we receive tax-exempt books with a 20% discount so we'll be using it for our book purchasing. 
    Make a check out to Trinity School for Ministry Bookstore with "Pfeifer" in the memo line.  Then, we will have money in our books account. 
    You can mail your check to:   
             TSM Bookstore

             ATTN: Pamela Kuhns
             311 Eleventh St.
             Ambridge, PA  15003

    You may also give credit/debit card info over the phone @ 800-874-8754 or fax @ 724-266-4617.  Pamela can probably get you set up with a monthly way to give to this account as well, if that is preferred.

    3)  As a different 3rd party option, you may make a check out to TSM and put a note in it that states it's for us and Trinity will see that we receive it or we can apply it to our account if needed.  Send to:
    Trinity School for Ministry
    ATTN: Angel DeChellis
    311 Eleventh St.
    Ambridge, PA 15003

    4)  Send via Paypal to:

    We will not survive without the sustenance of the prayers of the people.  Plus, we want to be able to anticipate the Lord's goodness in your life and pray for you.  We will also regularly share about His victories and our redemptive sufferings as we do the seminary process.
    Keep in touch with us!  We wanna know about what is going on with you and yours, whether through snail mail, email, facebook, skype, blogging comments, that outdated medium "the phone" or even more daring,a real live face-to-face encounter.  (We'll have a guest room!)

    Greg will be sorely missing Portillo's and as he indicates every time we pass one, they do ship anywhere in the United States.  Hint hint.  Anything would be appreciated though: toilet paper, food, socks, Aldi gift cards, all things will be accepted as a token of your love and you might get a nice little thank you card through snail mail, if you're lucky.