Prayer & Praise Requests

School/Studies Related:
---Thankful for our rest from studies this summer and for those who have endowed Trinity with the money to renew our FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!
---Renewal of our hearts and minds to receive that which the Lord desires to teach us in our classes this semester
---For our teachers and classmates in our classes: Anglican Way of Theology, Mentored Ministry, Pastoral Care, Modern Church History and Pentateuch

---For Christ's peace as we move forward in working really really part time during the school year

Ordination Process related:
---Pray for completion of our paperwork for the Discernment Committee at Trinity Church, Beaver

---Lift us up as we ask for clarity of our calls and a good time of preparation and joy surrounding the Diocesan Ordination particulars (of which there are many!)

That we would both be in prayer more regularly and find a good rhythm.

Continued healing for Noel's ankle, which she sprained about a month ago

For good communication with those of you who do not live near us and creative communication solutions
Thankful for friends whom we have made here and who will continue to be our colleagues

Praise for some good mentors that we have found here and for our further growth in Christ!

Thanks, prayer warriors!


  1. You both are always in my prayers; however, thanks for giving some specifity of thanksgiving and petition. :)

  2. Christopher in PeruFebruary 26, 2011 at 4:09 PM

    Prayin' for you guys! Thanks for the updates and blogingness.