Tuesday, February 8, 2011

where you'll find us

So, we're now into our third week of classes or so and we thought you might like to know about our classes for this semester.  Classes do occupy about oh, let's see 75% of our time and about 98% of our mental energy (the rest given to things like studying Whedon's "Firefly" and how to get to the next age in Myst III).  But, we're having a good time and though this semester is much more of a doozie than last semester, we have a lot of fun things we're learning, researching and writing on.

Plus, we thought in case anyone calls or wants to get in touch with us, you can see where we're at and why we're not answering!  Though, this of course, does not include sleeping, working, etc.  We also have morning and evening prayer and are required to attend the one prior or after if we are on campus for class.  It's great.  Noel just officiated for the first time last week and did well, she even found a cassock about the right length and she didn't trip once!

Greg's days
Monday morning: Pastoral Leadership -pastoral care and servant leadership
*he almost always works from 2-10:30 pm on this day
Tuesday afternoon:  Christian Ethics - all things methodological and Biblical re: Ethics and morality
Thursday morning:  Medieval and Reformation Church History (lovingly dubbed "Mr. Church") - fabulous class on the church both on "the continent" and in Britain from about 500-1650ish
Thursday afternoon:  The Gospels - that is, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Noel's days
Monday evening: Hebrew - learning Hebrew, quiz every week, learn at least 10 new words per class, very difficult
Tuesday afternoon: Christian Ethics - Read Hays "Moral Vision of the NT", it's great
Thursday morning:  MR. Church 
Thursday afternoon: The Gospels - learning the whole book of John for a final exam? priceless.

Hope your days go well also.  Greg works at least 3 8-hr shifts a week, some combo of M-W-F-Sat/Sun.  Noel is doing odd jobs as they are presented to her.  Please pray for Greg as he is sleeping (at noon) while I publish this blog as he now has the cold that I had last week and is quite under the weather.  Thanks, dear 'pfiles!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

just another Superbowl Sunday

That's right, we're stickin' to our guns on this one.  Well, sort of...I guess we'll mostly be watching for the commercials but this was how happy we were two weeks ago when the Bears still had a shot.

This is dedicated especially to all of you with whom we had our regular Bears game small group fellowship ;)
We miss you and wish we could be with you and at least criticize the commercials and laugh at Clay Matthews' hair and watch Benny R eat turf over and over.  And please pray for us because well, Pittsburgh is not joking about being "Steelers nation".  

This is a direct quote from church this morning (where everyone was decked out in their finest black and yellow):
"Alleluia, let us go forth into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit.
Thanks be to God. Alleluia.  Go Steelers!"

May the Lord be with all of us who loathe the Steelers but are stuck here in Purgatory, every one.