Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fun & Funding (not mutually exclusive!)

So in our mad efforts to make the most of our summer financial opportunities since wrapping up J-term classes, we spent a couple weeks mid-July dogsitting in the town ten minutes up the river. It’s a good thing that Noel already knows this dog up close and personally from my acquaintance with his family, because he’s named Mozart, which might have led me to expect a dog that weighed less than my husband. It would have taken a name like Wagner or Tchaikovsky to start giving me a sense of the ginormity of this dog. As it was, we fortunately knew ahead of time that Moe is a hefty guy. His tongue is as long as my arm and runs like a faucet, and he overheats pretty quickly, so much of our quality time was confined to the kitchen where the drool puddles could be easily mopped up. He’s been trained to keep his, um, messes, in one small part of the yard, a worthwhile investment of training time and expense, for sure. Indeed, he’s been well-trained overall and can’t help that his front and his back don’t always coordinate.

This picture does not do Mozart's magnitude justice.

Our other work time is spent barista-ing at Starbucks and lifeguarding at the YMCA outdoor pool (under the cloud of the nuclear power plant!). (Noel is now known throughout western PA for her water-treading skills, an event she won at the YMCA lifeguarding competition - woooo, that's my wife! -G.) Even though we’re working a lot, we get some fun in the neighborhood with our peeps here and there:

Scott plays tennis. Which means he plays badminton too. Look out, Greg!

Our agent has asked us to make an appearance via Skype in the Chicagoland area on Wednesday, August 31 at 7 pm in Wheaton. Thanks to those of you setting this prayer time up as we launch into Year 2. If you want more info on that gathering, email us.


  1. Hey friends - Good to hear you are doing well! Looks like a fun dog :) I've missed your presence lately. It turns out you were my only Harry Potter friends, but I'm finally going to see the movie with my mom on Tue. I also missed watching SYTYCD with you. I hope you had a chance to see it - I think you would really like this season. Especially one of the dances Twitch came back for. My favorite dancer didn't win, but I won't say anymore in case you are still working through it :) I've had class all summer, but things are finally winding down. Sounds like you have been able to catch your breath recently. I don't know if I will be able to come, but send me details about the gathering in Wheaton. I hope you got my e-mail last week. I'd love to hear from you soon!

  2. Good to have you surface with some news. You're such good bloggers when you get around to it that you should ghost-write for others to earn a few extra bucks. Paul E.